Sustainability is a significant factor in every decision we make. With several sustainable initiatives, ISEC strives to operate its business responsibly while guiding our clients towards a sustainable capital market.

At ISEC, sustainability is an important aspect of our continued business growth. We are driven by the ambition to foster sustainable development, focusing on challenging the financial industry.

We are deeply committed to the success of all our stakeholders, and we operate our business sustainably and responsibly. We are a guarantor of diversity and a living flora for asset managers in the Nordic region.

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ISEC’s commitment to sustainability

Climate change is a strong reality, and we believe it is our responsibility to address and implement sustainable thinking in our core operations.

As an employer, we prioritize creating a workplace that offers growth opportunities and embraces diversity. We believe in providing an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive and contribute to our collective success.

Furthermore, we uphold strong business ethics and governance practices, ensuring that our operations are conducted with integrity and accountability. At ISEC, sustainability is not just a goal; but also an important principle guiding our actions towards a better business ethic. 

Sustainability Policy ISEC Services AB (Swe)

We believe that sustainability is not only a crucial aspect of today’s operations but a responsibility we must embrace as an organisation.

Armin Manouchehr

Senior Sustainability Manager

Key elements of our sustainability approach

ISEC recognizes the need for a broader human perspective in all our endeavors, acknowledging the environmental challenges we face.

  1. Profit allocation towards sustainability: We allocate a portion of our profits to sustainability initiatives, ensuring that our success contributes to positive environmental and social impact.

  2. Employee engagement: We take proactive steps to enhance ISEC’s social responsibility efforts, fostering a culture of empowerment and innovation.

  3. Diversity and inclusion: We prioritize diversity and inclusivity, striving to create a workplace where everyone has equal opportunities to succeed and contribute.

  4. Global commitments: We have made concrete commitments to sustainability by participating in initiatives like the Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI), Swesif membership, and engagement in the UN Global Compact.

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Armin Manouchehr

Senior Sustainability Manager

Our sustainable initiatives

Our partners remain committed to creating positive social and environmental impact while encouraging us to improve even more.

These initiatives highlight ISEC’s proactive approach to sustainability, reflecting our ongoing efforts to integrate sustainable business strategies and operations.

ESG-Data Partnership with Datia

In a strategic move to bolster our sustainability efforts, ISEC has partnered with Datia for ESG-data management. Through our agreement with Finana AB, we now have access to Datia’s comprehensive ESG software, equipped with functionalities for legal reporting of ESG data in compliance with EU regulations. This partnership ensures that we have robust tools to monitor and manage our environmental, social, and governance performance effectively.

Membership in the UN Global Compact

ISEC has taken a significant step towards aligning our operations with universal principles of sustainability by joining the UN Global Compact. As a participant in one of the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiatives, we are committed to upholding human rights, labor standards, environmental stewardship, and anti-corruption principles. Our Global Compact Network Sweden membership further solidifies our commitment to advancing societal goals through responsible business practices.

Supporting local initiatives

ISEC participates in several activities to support local organizations that contribute to a better society.

Together with our team, we participate in the exercise race Blodomloppet. The aim is to pay attention to blood donation and to promote a healthy lifestyle.

We support Aktiv Skola in their work of better conditions for children and young people’s mental, physical and emotional health.

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