Business Consulting

Are you leveraging the full potential of our system solutions within SECURA? Many fund and asset managers struggle to optimize their processes, missing out on the platform’s powerful features and efficiency gains.

Maximize your operations with best practice processes

Our experts in business consulting can help you unlock the true value of the SECURA Platform, streamline your operations, and achieve greater success.

Business Consulting for the fund and asset management industry

Having implemented hundreds of system solutions and helped fund and asset managers establish efficient processes, we have an impressive knowledge of best practices when it comes to system solutions, operational processes, and regulatory frameworks.

Our business consultants have vast experience in the fund and asset management industry, as well as our system SECURA. Depending on your needs, our consultants can engage our experts within the SECURA system, Sustainability, Cyber and Information Security.

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Andreas Serrander

Head of Client Success

Best practice: operational excellence

Let us help you get the most out of your SECURA installation for your operational set-up and ways of working. Regardless of whether you are using SECURA Portfolio, SECURA Fund, or SECURA Front, we know how to establish effective and streamlined processes. We can support your success regardless of the magnitude and complexity of your business, whether you want to establish Straight-Through Processing (STP) or have an audit of your ways of working.

Project Management

We have implanted solutions for significant fund and asset managers over the years, and we know the importance of thorough project management and comprehensive requirement analysis. We know how to design and drive implementation projects for successful delivery. Depending on your needs, our project managers can engage our own Subject Matter Experts and benefit from our know-how of best practices when it comes to system solutions and operations.


Do you want your system users and operations to maximize the benefits of your SECURA installations, or to streamline your operational processes? Let us train your staff, unlocking operational best practices for your organization.

Whatever your needs are, when it comes to system solutions or other needs in processes or ways of working, don’t hesitate to contact us for a discussion of how we can help you reach your goals.

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