ISEC is continuously looking for new employees with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. We let you can grow in an inspiring environment where everyone acts based on our values: innovative, secure, engaged and competent.

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Below you can get to know some of our employees:


Name: My Hagberg
Age: 30
At ISEC since: 2015

What are you doing at ISEC?
I work with portfolio management & reporting for discretionary portfolios, ISK & insurance depots.

How did you get here?
I worked in retail for seven years, and then studied at Stockholm International Trade School (SIH) to become a Financial Services Administrator. February–May 2015 I did my internship at ISEC, which then turned into employment.

ISEC was represented in the management team for the education I went and provided the class with two internships to search. I was attracted by the fact that it seemed to be a very nice and familiar company and therefore chose to apply for a internship here.

What do you like besides the job at ISEC?
I love to travel, preferably to some warmer countries. I also like cooking, books, board games and quizzes in all its forms, and I am a real animal lover.


Name: Robin Lundgren
Age: 40
At ISEC since: 2010

What are you doing at ISEC?
I work with mathematical modeling and software development, mostly with market risks and derivatives.

How did you get here?
After completing my PhD studies in mathematics, I started working as a quantum developer at Invest-Systems (one of the companies that after the merger in 2013 with A-SEC and Fonda became ISEC).

When I started working at the company, we were 13 employees and got a lot of responsibility directly, and you got to work very widely with many different issues, which has been very fun and developing. Then it's very nice to work at a company in growth and the new opportunities that come with it.

What do you like besides the job at ISEC?
I have a wonderful family consisting of wife and two daughters whom I want to spend as much time as possible with. I also try to find time to exercise and read books.