Sustainability has always been one of the the basic pillars on which ISEC's business relies. There is always a sustainability aspect in all decisions made.

Sustainability is very important to the owners as well as the employees of ISEC, and we also strive to make our customers aware of how important it is to always have a greater human perspective on what we do. We are humble for the fact that the earth is not coping with the strains it has been exposed to so far and that we must stop climate change. Some of our priority areas:

  • Part of the profit is dedicated to sustainability
  • Staff are encouraged to take initiatives that continously improves ISEC as a socially responsible company
  • Equal opportunities employer
  • We have signed the Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI)
  • We are members of Swesif

Through the years we have supported a lot of humanitarian and sustainable initiatives. For example Läkarmissionen’s tree planting project in Sudan which has the goal to restore the forests that were demolished during the domestic war. For further information, please visit Läkarmissionen

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