29 Aug 2023

Lannebo climbs mountains together with ISEC 

Project Kebnekaise

Lannebo has chosen ISEC SECURA Portfolio as a portfolio system to harmonize the flow through SECURA Fund and SECURA Portfolio – all in one database. 

Since 2015, Lannebo has used ISEC’s system SECURA Fund, a shareholder system with a centralized database and a tool for managing all information and documentation related to funds and shareholders.

In 2022, Lannebo initiated a new project aimed at harmonizing its system flora. With the goal of creating more automated processes and increasing operational efficiency, Lannebo can devote even more time to their most important asset: the customers.

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Secure and reliable systems are important to us in protecting sensitive information, ensuring accuracy, building investor trust, as well as maintaining regulatory compliance. ISEC is both responsive to our needs, has high expertise and the cooperation during the implementation has worked very well.

Jeanette Kangur

Chief Operating Officer at Lannebo

Project Kebnekaise

The project that Lannebo chose to call Kebnekaise began with a thorough analysis of Lannebo’s operational needs and ambitions about how the new system would work.

  • Based on ISEC’s analysis, the project was divided into several sub-objectives so that the project team could ensure that Lannebo’s specific requirements were met, and that the transition to the new solution was smooth and efficient. The sub-objectives were in turn divided into activities at a granular level so that all activities could be carried out on time.

  • One of the major challenges of the project was the data conversion, in which all data from the old system was transferred to the new one. The project team worked closely with Lannebo’s Back Office and IT to secure the information.

During the project, weekly reconciliations were held which included, among other things, in-depth discussions in various topics together with experts to understand the needs of the business and how the system should be adapted. In addition, ISEC, together with project managers from Lannebo, had further discussions to gain control over significant challenges.

Samuel Skånberg

Project Leader at ISEC

About Lannebo Fonder

Lannebo is one of Sweden’s largest independent funds and manages capital for companies, foundations, the public sector and individuals. We always invest with a focus on long-term, risk awareness and independence. For us, it means responsible management where we go our own path without focusing on indices.

We are not trading stocks, we are investing in companies. For us, that is an important difference. Trading stocks to try to buy cheaply and sell expensive can at best yield returns, but it does not create value.

Our goal is to create value by being an active owner who makes your investments grow by helping the companies we invest in succeed.

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