Standardized Transfer Agency Management

The SECURA Fund offers a standardized administration solution tailored to meet your transfer agency needs. This solution facilitates the management of shareholders’ savings, transactions, and comprehensive customer information, ensuring efficient and secure data handling.

The platform has been made easy for our clients to navigate. With all data being consolidated and calculated in real time, it ensures a high level of quality and control. ISEC continuously invests in developing solutions to guarantee that we meet the requirements of our clients.

Seamless third party integrations

SECURA Fund is built with an open architecture, enabling our clients to efficiently integrate with third party solutions – either in relation to KYC processes, automatic fund orders from distributors or presenting customer information on digital platforms.

The system supports all legal reporting that is required for the shareholders to the tax authorities and to the Swedish FSA (Finansinspektionen).

Key Features

KYC/AML and PEP via third party integration 

Handle shareholders general information

Import orders via external files from other stakeholders

Handle transactions automatically or manually via various formats

Calculate management fees, provide commission calculations and agent payments

Handle monthly savings via Bankgirocentralen (BGC)

Calculate price reduction to Pensionsmyndigheten

Reconciliation of client redemptions/subscriptions 

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