Follow investments in real-time

Get standardized, real-time updates on your investments, including transactional history and defined documents with our white-label SaaS solution!

With functionality to support both real-time update of holdings, documents, as well as order placement and confirmation, SECURA Client Web provides our clients with a means to digitize the client journey in a secure way.  

Comprehensive SaaS solution for investment management

The ISEC SECURA Client Web is a standardized web-based SaaS solution aimed at providing a clear overview for retail and/or institutional clients of their investments in relevant saving accounts. The solution is built with a responsive and user-friendly design while its modern architecture enables graphics and color schemes to be aligned with client requirements.  

The solution also provides for standardized order handling like placement of subscriptions, redemptions and switches in either shares or nominal with direct update when confirmation is in place.

Being fully integrated with both SECURA Portfolio and SECURA Fund, all communication between the SECURA Client Web and underlying SECURA Platform is utilizing standard REST API technology. Seamless and secure integration ensures an efficient solution with a short time-to-market.



Modern and seamlessly integrated with the SECURA Platform

Seamless integrations

Utilizing standard REST API technology  


Aligns with internal marketing requirements

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