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Optimize your Risk Management

ISEC’s risk management solutions offer unparalleled real-time insights and compliance assurance, setting your fund management firm apart in a competitive market.

Benefit from real-time monitoring of investment limits and comprehensive reporting tailored to your needs. Our proactive approach ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, developed to streamline risk oversight for fund management firms more efficiently.

Proactive Risk Monitoring

Our risk management division, ISEC Risk, offers real-time monitoring of quantified portfolio investment limits alongside historical tracking. Identified breaches are promptly communicated to your organization for appropriate action and summarized in monthly reports.

Customizable Reporting

Access detailed reports and analyses customized to your requirements and regulatory requirements. Gain valuable insights for strategic decision-making and regulatory compliance. Our risk management services encompass reporting to government agencies and custodians, as well as monthly, quarterly, and yearly reporting to your organization’s portfolio managers and board of directors.

 ISEC offer you

Full outsourcing of the risk management function

With its extensive experience in risk management and strong ability to adapt to a changing regulatory landscape, ISEC Risk team will provide a long-term risk management solution for your fund management company.

Tailored Reporting

Access customized reports for informed decision-making and regulatory compliance. Risk reporting utilizes the acclaimed MSCI Riskmetrics system.

Enhanced Transparency

Gain stakeholders’ trust with transparent, independent and accountable risk management practices.

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Head of Risk Services

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