Utilize the SECURA Reporting Tool for a dynamic, multi-tenant solution that adapts to meet client needs with precision and efficiency.

Optimize your data reporting

ISEC SECURA Reporting Tool employs the SECURA REST API to provide a web-based, multi-tenant solution for standardized reports. This flexible tool combines data elements, including text and calculated data, to meet client requirements.

We make sure that the SECURA Platform is continuously developed for interoperability, ensuring seamless integration with clients’ systems!

ISEC SECURA Reporting Tool

By utilizing REST API as a part of the SECURA Platform, ISEC SECURA Reporting Tool enables a web-based ‘multi-tenant’ solution. It provides support for standardized reports where both text and calculated data are part of the output. The purpose is to give our customers a flexible tool that combines data elements depending on the report requirements, including clients defined graphical profiles.

Production of PRIIPs KID

SECURA Reporting tool currently supports the creation of PRIIPs KID; either for preview or production. All calculations and fund specific-data are derived from SECURA using REST API.

The seamless update of all Performance scenarios and cost calculations enables for an efficient process when creating or reproducing the KID’s. This also includes the creation of KID’s in the various languages required depending on the country of distribution. Text, headlines, and table content can easily be configured and adjusted as required locally.

Seamless integration to SECURA Platform

The SECURA REST API is a functional rich library of well documented REST endpoints. The library can be used to seamlessly integrate the SECURA Platform with in-house solutions and or with third party applications. The library is continuously developed and enhanced as the platform grows, enabling for a scalable platform where defined processes and systems can be seamlessly integrated. 


The REST API technology is powerful yet simple to use


Its technology allows a very open and scalable integration platform


The technology enables processes to be efficiently integrated 


The SECURA Platform is continuously developed with interoperability at its core. This is achieved through the SECURA REST API which provides for an open platform that can be incorporated to clients internal and/or external system landscape.

The SECURA REST API enables both logic and data to be exposed through a user-friendly, well documented library of GET, POST and PUT commands. ISEC continuously invests in developing the SECURA REST API, part of core functionality when integrating to or from the platform.

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