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Jarle Birkeland, Investment Manager Stolt Kapitalforvaltning

Jarle Birkeland, Investment Manager Stolt Kapitalforvaltning

Stolt Kapitalforvaltning

The fund “Stolt Explorer” celebrated its 2nd anniversary in May 2024. How do you experience your cooperation with ISEC ManCo, and what made you decide, as a Norwegian Investment Manager, to work with ISEC as a Swedish fund hotel?

Stolt Kapitalforvaltning is very pleased with the cooperation. ISEC gives us safety and efficiency in our fund operations, but also supports us in the distribution. In this way, Stolt can concentrate its performance around its own competence; capital allocation and customer communication. We dare to claim it’s a win-win collaboration.

Why should you invest in Stolt Explorer and what can an investor expect from Stolt if one chooses to invest in the fund?

Stolt Explorer is built on a trend-based strategy, with a cycle-based element at the top. This combination provides a good starting point for funds and co-investors to succeed in the long run. Don’t expect Stolt Explorer to rise to the top of the yields on sunny days, but expect the fund to stand tall through the storms.

Mari Rhenman & Carl Johan Lagercrantz – Investment managers, Strand Kapitalförvaltning AB

Strand Kapitalförvalning AB

You are AIF-managers with your own funds, but manage Strand Företagsobligationsfond via ISEC. What are the advantages of working with a Management Company like ISEC ManCo? 

The funds we already manage are Strand Småbolagsfond and Strand Förmögenhetsfond. These funds are special funds, which are open for trading in connection with the monthly turnover. We are AIF-managers, but wanted to manage a UCIT fund. Instead of applying for permits, we chose to join our already existing partner ISEC, which already manages the administration of our special funds. 

Together with ISEC, we were able to start a new UCIT fund in their fund hotel, which has the license of conducting fund operations. The administrative burden is somewhat more concentrated around the monthly shifts of our special funds. 

Strand Företagsobligationsfond, on the other hand, is a daily traded UCIT fund that requires ongoing administration on a daily basis in a slightly different way then our other funds. For a small organization like ours, we saw it as a convenient option for a specialist like ISEC to manage all legal and administrative work with the new fund, so we can focus entirely on the management and distribution of the fund. 

Tell us about your investment philosophy. Why should you, as an investor, choose Strand Företagsobligationsfond and what distinguishes the fund?

We believe that corporate bonds are an attractive asset that can contribute to a good risk-adjusted return.

At the same time, we have seen shortcomings in this market which we believe other funds have not dealt with satisfactorily. We want to apply our ideas and long experience, together with Strand’s corporate analysis, to provide our investors with a modern corporate bond fund with good liquidity and risk distribution towards fine Nordic companies.

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