The ISEC SECURA Portfolio Management Solutions is a comprehensive multi-asset portfolio management solution, developed primarily for the fund and wealth management industry.

Mastering asset management with SECURA Portfolio Management Solutions

With a vast number of integrations and formats, ISEC SECURA Portfolio offers our clients a scalable solution for current and future needs. 

Today, our system solutions are used by a wide base of clients in the Nordics region. Primarily to secure efficient processes of the day-to-day operational activities from Front to Back office, providing a high level of transparency and control.

All our system solutions are built with an open architecture, enabling clients to efficiently integrate with third party solutions. Either in relation to KYC processes, custody integrations, advanced front/middle office solutions or accounting systems.

SECURA Functionalities and Integrations

The SECURA Platform consists of several functional areas where all functionality is driven from the SECURA application layer. This also efficiently supports various integration and automated data processes to/from the platform via REST API technology. 

SECURA Portfolio

is the core solution for all relevant back office tasks. With its sophisticated portfolio management application it can effectively manage and monitor different types of investment portfolios. 


consists of several functional areas that improve our clients portfolio and order management capabilities in real-time, including pre trade compliance.

SECURA Integration

consists of various modules required to enable efficient handling when managing the solution. This includes data import/export, reports, and four-eyes principles.

Our portfolio consists of the following 15 areas:

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