ISEC SECURA Cloud is a fully hosted and managed installation of the SECURA Platform, where ISEC takes full responsibility for hosting, maintenance, and security.

Your premier cloud service solution

ISEC SECURA Cloud is deployed in our own private cloud, which is designed for optimal cloud service performance, and is scalable for both small, medium, and large clients.

By deploying a fully hosted solution, we make sure that our clients can focus on their core businesses while we focus on the platform.

Our private cloud is geographically located in Sweden, spread over three different datacenters where we co-locate our own hardware. This creates full control over where data is backed up, processed, and stored at all times with full security. 

We offer multiple different Service Level Agreements depending on the technical advancement and scale of the organization. Based on client preferences, we will help establish the most optimal solution for their needs.

Key features

SECURA Cloud is designed to run the SECURA Platform which contains sensitive data

Secure connection with Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

Secure integrations over Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Efficient and minimal client effort

Compliant system

Geographical redundancy

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