A scalable software platform for portfolio and fund management

For more than 30 years, ISEC has been providing wealth and fund management services to clients across the Nordic region. Our experience, know-how, and constant supervision of the regulatory space have been carefully reinvested into our technical platform, SECURA!

SECURA Platform is a comprehensive platform that meets the needs of wealth and fund managers asset management activities, as well as relevant transfer agency processes. With a clear mission to bring value in the form of operational excellence, we focus on automation, quality, and control.

About ISEC SECURA Platform

With its completely modular structure, SECURA Platform ensures an efficient and scalable operating model that can be deployed as either a wealth or fund management solution.

In order to meet our clients’ needs ‘Front to Back’, the platform is built with an open architecture, which enables efficient integration with either internal or other third-party solutions.The platform can be deployed either as a combined or stand-alone solution.

The platform is also a system formed as a transfer agency solution, automating the order flow from both retail and distribution platforms. A combined solution for both portfolio management and transfer agency processes ensure a high level of control and transparency.

The SECURA Platform

The SECURA Platform is divided into two core applications: SECURA Portfolio and SECURA Fund – both sharing the same application and data logic. Incorporating the two applications jointly helps our clients achieve operational excellence.

Accompanied with the SECURA REST API, the system enables fund management clients and/or third parties to integrate to/from the platform efficiently.

Technical deployments

The technological core of the SECURA Platform is a memory-based calculation engine, which provides for a high level of speed, efficiency, and responsiveness for fund management. The captured and updated data will be incorporated and available instantly in real-time, including calculations throughout the platform.

As the SECURA Platform is highly modularized, it also enables clients to utilize a modern and standardized web-based client portal. Fully incorporated with SECURA Portfolio and SECURA Fund, it allows to securely expose client accounts to its retail or institutional client base, providing for a cost-efficient and positive client experience.

Key benefits


With the SECURA Platform being fully integrated ensures a high level of control.


The platform enables all processes to be handled efficiently and transparently.


All data being calculated in real time ensures both quality and control of the software.


The SECURA Platform is highly scalable for existing and future requirements.

Open architecture

The platform’s rich RESTAPI functionality enables clients to efficiently incorporate the platform into existing infrastructure and/or applications.

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