ISEC Risk Solutions

Tailored Risk and Valuation

Explore our risk solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of fund management companies.

Regardless of outsourcing risk management functions or assistance with risk control and/or independent valuations, ISEC provides comprehensive solutions and support.

Whether you are considering launching a new fund, if you are an existing client, or if you have a fund in a different portfolio system, ISEC can help you with risk and valuation solutions.

Outsourced Risk Management Function

Efficiently manage fund risks by outsourcing your risk management function to ISEC. Our experienced team ensures proactive risk oversight, compliance with regulatory requirements, and transparent reporting directly to the Board of Directors and other stakeholders.

In-House Risk Control with ISEC Support 

Keep your risk management function in-house while leveraging ISEC’s expertise and advanced monitoring tools to enhance risk control. With customized reporting solutions and proactive breach management, our unique approach helps streamline your risk management processes, making them more efficient and adaptable to changes in the regulatory landscape. 

Independent Valuation Services for Investment Funds

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements by acquiring ISEC’s independent valuation services. Whether you need to outsource the valuation function or seek assistance with independent valuations, ISEC offers reliable solutions tailored to your needs.

Key benefits

Enhanced Risk Oversight

Proactively manage fund risks and regulatory compliance with tailored risk solutions.

Streamlined Risk Management Processes

Access advanced tools such as MSCI Risk Metrics and expertise to optimize risk control measures and ensure transparency in reporting.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure adherence to regulatory requirements, particularly for Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) requiring independent valuations, with comprehensive support from ISEC.

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Head of Risk Services

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