26 Sep 2023

FinServe launches RAIF in Luxembourg through ISEC’s new ManCo offer

ISEC can now offer the coveted Luxembourg fund structure RAIF.

Read more about how ISEC started the fund together with Finserve Nordic AB. 

At the end of year 2022, the ISEC SICAV-RAIF fund was launched in Luxembourg where ISEC Services AB acts as the authorized manager of alternative investment funds (AIFM).

ISEC SICAV-RAIF is designed as an umbrella fund, which means that portfolio managers can set up their own sub-fund where ISEC Services acts as AIFM and thus becomes the primary contact area.

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We’re very proud and delighted to be able to offer RAIF and we see a great value for Nordic operators to access this structure through a Swedish fund company. We have worked closely with FinServe during the launch of Nordic Factoring Fund Lux and look forward to the fund’s development.

Helena Unander-Scharin

CEO ISEC Services AB

It’s always valuable to have reliable cooperation when taking the step towards establishing a new fund. Having ISEC as a dedicated partner has been a positive experience, and it’s a sign of a successful partnership aimed at achieving common goals for the fund.

Henrik Sundin and Michael Gunnarsson-Ferm

CEO/Chairman of the Board of Directors at FinServe Nordic AB

Since its launch in 2016, the Luxembourg-based fund structure RAIF has rapidly become one of the most sought-after options in the investment world. Two of its main advantages are the flexibility with regard to the investment mandate and the short ‘time-to-market’, as the fund does not need approval from the Luxembourg financial supervisory authority Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF). Instead, the supervision of the fund is indirectly carried out through an external portfolio manager of Alternative Investment Funds (AIFM) designated by the fund.

The RAIF umbrella, ISEC SICAV-RAIF, opens the door to an effective and flexible solution for portfolio managers who want to establish their own sub-fund. ISEC acts as an AIFM, which facilitates and simplifies the process of creating and managing the sub-fund within the RAIF framework. This flexible structure allows investors and managers to benefit from Luxembourg’s favorable financial environment while meeting all the necessary rules and requirements, and a qualified SICAV board is already in place to facilitate the process.

It is important to note that shares in the RAIF are only offered to well-informed investors who have the opportunity to invest at least EUR 125,000. This investment threshold ensures that those participating in the fund have a substantial capital base and a high level of knowledge of the investment markets.

About ISEC Services AB

ISEC Services AB is a Swedish fund company that specializes in offering third-party ManCo services for Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) and UCITS funds with either Swede or Luxembourg residence. Our industry expertise and experience make us a reliable partner for portfolio managers seeking high-quality services and solutions.

About FinServe Nordic AB

FinServe Nordic AB is licensed to manage UCITS funds, Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) and discretionary portfolios. FinServe’s portfolio of funds is characterized by a clear and well-defined management profile in both the credit and equity sectors. This profile offers diversification and a high degree of risk-adjusted return, making FinServe funds a valuable addition to well-diversified investment portfolios.

FinServe funds in Private Debt structures have proven to be successful. Since its inception, they have generated an annual return of over 6 percent. This has been achieved with low market risk and virtually no correlation with other asset types.