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10 Mar 2021

ISEC takes another step towards a sustainable future

ISEC has adopted an updated sustainability guideline with the entry into force of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

ISEC has a long history of being engaged in sustainability issues.

Now is the time to take the next step in line with this strategy – to ISEC being your strategic partner for sustainable investments. 

With the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), ISEC has adopted an updated sustainability guideline. For all ISEC Services funds – including the ISEC First Fund based in Luxembourg – mainly negative impact on sustainability factors will be taken into account in investment decisions. 

In addition, a number of funds will take a step further and actively promote environmental and/or social characteristics. In the long run, the ambition is that even more of ISEC funds should promote characteristics that are positive from an ESG point of view.

A new ESG module in SECURA Portfolio

Our ambition is to be the best version of ourselves. Therefore, ISEC is planning a ESG module in SECURA Portfolio to support asset managers with regard to sustainability aspects in their investment decisions.

It’s a strength that ISEC Group can deliver not only system and operating services for fund companies and asset managers, but also administrative services and have ourselves a licensed fund company with its own compliance and risk function within the company’s walls.

In this way we can guarantee our customers that we keep track of all regulatory changes and ensure that both systems, administrative services and funds meet all the legal requirements

Mikkel Mördrup

former CEO ISEC Group

About SFDR

On March 10 2021, the so-called SFDR – Level 1 (EU Regulation 2019/2088) entered into force. 

It includes rules on how investment firms, asset managers, financial advisers and other financial actors should inform their investors and customers about how they deal with ESG factors (Environmental, Social, Governance). In particular, the information should show how the operator takes account of ESG factors in asset management and risk management.

Both the policies affected by the new legislation and sustainability information concerning the financial products offered to the market shall be published on the company’s website.