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Expert in fund and portfolio management

ISEC delivers what we believe is the core of fund administration, reporting and accounting- the expertise. With best-practice processes and reduced staff dependency, we provide a cost-effective solution with increased oversight and control of your fund management. 

In addition, we are proud of being one of the few companies in the industry that have ISAE 3402 certified in our key processes. 

33 492

calculated NAV 2023

250 billion SEK

AUA 2023

150 000

FA Transactions 2023

Efficient outsourcing services in critical processes

Increased regulatory requirements and rapid changes in the market forces organizations to focus on efficiency. Our clients want to mitigate their staff dependency in critical processes, while reducing costs associated with IT systems and infrastructures. With a team of experts in Portfolio Administration, Fund Administration and Accounting, we strive to increase the quality of your operations. 

ISEC offers administration of both funds and discretionary mandates, accounting and reporting. These services are managed in the SECURA environment, which gives each individual client full insight into all the processes that are carried out in the system.

Our operations 

Portfolio Administration – Streamlined Asset Management

Our Portfolio Administration team specializes in the administrative operations associated with securities and asset management, including the execution of discretionary mandates.

Our expertise extends to the management of a diverse portfolio, comprising UCITS, AIFs, and Special Funds.

Portfolio administration and performing valuation of securities (VP) on behalf of fund companies. 

Managing securities (VP) for companies exercising discretionary asset management.

NAV calculation, publication and reporting

Handling of business transactions

Reconciliation in cash flow, holdings


Corporate Actions

Fx Management

Daily contact with clients

Fund Administration – Maintaining shareholder success

Our Fund Administration team manages all processes related to the shareholders of the fund, regardless of whether you are a direct customer or a nominee. We maintain shareholder registers, handling transactions and KYC/AML.

Register of share transactions

Sending of settlement notes and balance sheets

Set up of discount agreements

Manage payment of sales liquidity

Settlements of bank accounts

Provision Management

Register move of funds

Fund Accounting – Expert reporting

Our dedicated Fund Accounting team provides comprehensive support to clients by preparing financial statements and analyzing key figures. Additionally, we take charge of all reporting requirements associated with the fund and/or the fund company.

Trust us to navigate the intricate financial landscape, ensuring transparency, accuracy, and compliance.

Managing accounting for funds managers

Reporting to the Swedish FSA, quarterly reporting among others

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Jessica Schönning

Head of Operations, ISEC Administration


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